Crocheted caravan

For Christmas each year I like to make my daughters a gift. I’m very  fortunate that they are still of an age and inclination to enjoy that I make them toys. The littlest has been known to stand at my craft desk and beg me to make her a new toy in a moment of boredom!

We suffered a spate of bad dreams as the girls settled back into the new term and so to help Esme go to bed with nice thoughts I let her surf Pinterest for ideas of what she’d like made for Christmas. Great idea in theory. What she set her heart on was an awesome crocheted caravan made by Kate from Greedy for Colour. Since there wasn’t a pattern to buy I thought I’d better have a bash at it sooner rather than later as it looks very detailed and Esme insists that everything must be crocheted not repurposed as I tried to convince her. I’m so excited with the results that I have to share the pictures even though it’s still a work in progress… The green tufty bits are meant to be grass. Planning on crocheting little flowers to add to meadow.

caravan front WIP01caravan side WIP01caravan interior WIP01





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