Piano Stool

My biggest two girls are learning to play the piano. We’ve only got a keyboard at present which is sat on a desk which means that they need to be a little higher than standard chair height.

I had an old stool that I’d acquired somewhere and a load of old towels and some canvas my Dad had passed on to me. Armed with these, some sandpaper and a DIY staple gun I set to work  to make them a piano stool. Unfortunately in my excitement I forgot to take any before pics! (The top of the stool was a varnished cork tile – nice!) I started rubbing down the legs with a view to  a shabby chic paint job but since it had been repainted so many times the effect was instant! So as my love lives with the creating side I called it done and set to work covering the top with an even pile of towels to the required height. Next I stapled some canvas offcut to one side and stretched it across, stapling to the underside of the seat on the opposite side. Then I stapled the other sides trying to make sure the corners were folded in (like when you wrap a present) to give crisp edges. (It would be an easy job to whip the staples out and wash the canvas and “wadding” if a spruce up was needed.)

Now for the fun bit. I crocheted a tray cover, following a pattern from Simply Crochet magazine issue 08, alternating the colours to match my scheme. the pad was 14″ square so I made the cover to 14″ then held it at that size for two rounds before decreasing in size again for 6 further rows to about 12″ square. This makes a ” beret” for the stool pad which just slips on and doesn’t appear to need fastening on. If you did need to tighten your cover you could easily weave a ribbon in and out of the stitches of on the last rounds and tie a bow at the bottom of the seat.

piano stool beret


I now have an extra seat that I’m quite proud of and certainly wouldn’t mind bringing out at Christmas (much better than the grim looking stool as it was.)

piano stool top piano stool side





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